Elder Client Services

This is, we believe, an exceptional level of service, developed by Hine Downing in direct response both to our clients needs and our concerns as a ‘family firm’.
People are living longer and requiring more support in later years, while families are becoming more fragmented. As a result, many of our elder and more vulnerable clients have turned to us for help not only with legal matters but also for guidance on managing their day-to-day affairs, such as accessing local care services and checking welfare benefit entitlements. So we have created a specific department providing a complete care package.

In addition to the legal expertise offered by our probate, wills, trusts and tax planning experts, we can provide guidance and assistance on a wide range of issues affecting elder clients. This might include investigating long-term care, negotiating with local authorities over disability grants, attending case conferences with health care professionals, advising on funeral plans or through our separate financial company providing pension reviews.

We offer a friendly, holistic and sympathetic service, available at our offices, at our clients homes, in hospital or at residential homes wherever is most appropriate.

We believe our elder clients independence and preferred way of life should be preserved for as long as possible and we will assist them in every way we can. However, if residential care is eventually required, we can help manage the transition smoothly and continue our support with regular visits to ensure that they are being well looked after.


William Richards

Partner and Head of Probate

William has a wealth of experience with the management and distribution of deceased clients’ estates and the preparation of wills. Read more...

01326 316655   william.richards@hinedowning.com