Free 30-min Appointments

Hine Downing is pleased to offer free 30-minute appointments for all Family Matters. In the appointment you can expect to receive basic information designed to help you decide whether to take matters further ie the procedure, costs and timescale involved in your case. You will not receive legal advice tailored to your particular problem.

If you would like Legal Advice tailored to your particular problem then we offer a fixed-fee, one-hour appointment for £100 plus VAT. This is payable on the day of the appointment and you will receive a letter following the appointment confirming the advice and the suggested next steps.

Call us on 01326 316655 or email for an appointment with Family Solicitor Kerys Deavin.

Kerys Deavin


Kerys is a member of the Law Society Children Law Accreditation Scheme and has spent more than 15 years in this sensitive and delicate area of the law Read more...

01326 316655