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Aerial view of houses in Marazion. There are affordable housing schemes in Cornwall for local residents and first time buyers.

Buying affordable housing in Cornwall

Due to rising housing prices, more people could be considering buying affordable housing in Cornwall. Currently, there is a lot of unprecedented demand for property in Cornwall. During the pandemic housing prices rose and they keep rising, because of this, there are fewer and fewer private rental properties available. What is affordable housing? When a… Read more »

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Beating The Clock: Bringing late inheritance claims

Beating The Clock: Bringing late inheritance claims By Angelo Micciche TEP, CTAPS, Solicitor with Hine Downing Solicitors A lot of legal work is ensuring that clients bring their claims in good time so they are not barred by a time limit. An example is where someone, let’s call them a claimant, brings an inheritance claim… Read more »

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Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation Agreements If you live with your partner or are planning to, you can enter into a cohabitation agreement. This can set out the agreement as to what will happen with your property or shared assets when you separate. Cohabitation without being in a civil partnership or marriage means that you do not have the… Read more »

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Frequently asked questions about Wills

When it comes to writing a Will, the focus needs to be about protecting yourself and your family for the future. Creating a Will with the help of a solicitor is vital in ensuring your wishes are respected if you become ill or die. There is lots of advice out there to guide your decision… Read more »

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Who should write my will?

Making sure that you have a will is important for a variety of reasons. Whilst no one wants to think about the worst happening, having a will in place can ease a significant amount of stress on your loved ones. Having a will in place is the only way to ensure your estate is divided… Read more »

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New Head of Litigation for Hine Downing solicitors

Hine Downing is pleased to welcome civil dispute specialist, Angelo Micciche, to our team. Angelo is an experienced solicitor with over 20 years’ practice in litigation at a number of reputable legal firms and companies in Cornwall and Devon, including Coodes Solicitors, Kerrier District Council and GA Solicitors. Angelo is a full member of the… Read more »

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