Family law

Family law is a complex and sensitive area. Over the years, our trusted family law experts have helped many families to resolve issues involving the home, finances and the care of children. They have also earned a reputation for a sensitive and understanding approach when dealing with clients involved in emotional and stressful situations.

We can offer legal assistance and advice on all aspects of divorce, separation, childcare, maintenance, child support and related issues such as grandparents’ rights. We will listen carefully to your concerns, and help you resolve them as simply and as swiftly as possible.

Whenever possible, we encourage people to work together constructively to settle issues amicably. Where appropriate, we would suggest mediation. This is a non-adversarial method used to resolve family conflicts outside the court process. A trained impartial mediator liaises with both parties, encouraging them to find a mutually acceptable resolution.

Mediators can provide information about the legal process, but legal advice must still be sought from a solicitor.


Kerys Deavin


Kerys is a member of the Law Society Children Law Accreditation Scheme and has spent more than 15 years in this sensitive and delicate area of the law

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