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Wills & Foreign Assets Hine Downing

Wills & Foreign Assets

It has become increasingly common for individuals to own assets in different parts of the world. Whilst this can provide great financial opportunities, it also presents unique challenges when it…
Why is it important to have a Will

Why is it important to have a Will?

Writing a Will may not be on everyone’s mind. In fact, according to The National Wills Report 2023, only 44% of us have made one. People seem to think that…
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A business owner’s guide to writing a Will

A well written Will is critical for securing your assets and ensuring that your wants and wishes are followed after your passing. This is more complex if you are a…
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Mitigation and Adjudication

Conflicts can be the result of many different human interactions and usually, these can be resolved simply. In more complex situations conflicting parties may need the assistance of a mediator,…

To Prenup or Not to Prenup, That Is the Question

When it comes to marriage, love and romance often take centre stage. However, it is also essential to consider practical matters, such as finances and assets, especially in the event…

Administering an Estate

Administering an Estate in the UK involves several important steps to ensure that the deceased person's wishes are respected and their assets are distributed according to their wishes and their…
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Is the end nigh… for no-fault evictions?

The Section 21 Housing Act 1988, “no fault” eviction, when given to the tenant (“served”) in the correct way and giving two clear months to vacate, has for a long…

What has changed in family law?

Katie Nightingale, Chartered Legal Executive at Hine Downing explores what has changed in family law since returning to work after 7 years.

We’re separating, why can’t I see my children?

Katie Nightingale, Chartered Legal Executive talks about separation and how many parents are pushed to ask "why can't I see my children?".

Could the menopause impact divorce?

Hine Downing talk about the impact menopause could have on divorce and how they will acknowledge menopause with future divorce clients where appropriate.

Sure – do your own divorce – but the finances……?

The writer’s suggestion is that anyone considering a divorce always seeks the advice of an experienced family lawyer first.

End of the blame game – but what if they are to blame?

Much has been made about the new “no-fault” divorces which can be applied for, following a huge change in the existing law, from 6 April 2022.

Can a lawyer ever save you money?

The short answer to that questions is - YES!

Considerations when seeking a family lawyer

Hine Downing offer a free 30 minute appointment for all family law matters with a member of our experienced team.

Prenuptial Agreements: Once bitten, twice shy

Couples planning to cohabit or marry for the first time rarely whip out a carefully drafted document from a lawyer along with the ring.
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Pet-nuptials: Looking out for the family Pet after separation

Spain, the home of bullfighting, has become the latest country to ensure that judges have to consider the welfare of family pets within divorce proceedings.

Part ways in peace – New Divorce laws from April 6th

From 6 April 2022 there will be “no-fault” divorces. Quite unimaginable to most grizzled family lawyers, albeit most welcome.

When it comes to initial interviews with potential lawyers, are you asking the right questions?

While the exact questions you’ll ask should be customised to your specific situation, these questions and tips are a good starting point.

Preparing to sell your Falmouth property

For anyone who is looking to sell their home in the foreseeable future or whose property is already on the market, now could be a good time to start getting…


Using solicitors to enforce your rights can be very difficult to finance, particularly after the erosion- and in most cases, removal- of legal aid over the past 20 years.

How to deal with someone’s affairs when they die

When someone dies the assets they own must be counted up and distributed according to the law.

Death Bed Gifts

A death bed gift can become complicated depending on time and circumstances. We outline the complexities of gifting under DMC principles.
Aerial view of houses in Marazion. There are affordable housing schemes in Cornwall for local residents and first time buyers.

Buying affordable housing in Cornwall

Affordable housing in Cornwall is so valuable to local residents and keeping communities together. Here's our affordable housing guide.

Beating The Clock: Bringing late inheritance claims

A lot of legal work is ensuring that clients bring their claims in good time so they are not barred by a time limit.

Cohabitation Agreements

If you live with your partner or are planning to, you can enter into a cohabitation agreement.

Frequently asked questions about Wills

When it comes to writing a Will, the focus needs to be about protecting yourself and your family for the future.

Who should write my will?

Whilst no one wants to think about the worst happening, having a will in place can ease a significant amount of stress on your loved ones.

New Head of Litigation for Hine Downing solicitors

Hine Downing is pleased to welcome civil dispute specialist, Angelo Micciche, to our team.

Most common questions for tenants

We have compiled a list on the most common legal questions for tenants

Most common legal questions for landlords

We have compiled a list of the most common legal questions to consider.

Doing our bit for Sustainability

This week we were a headline sponsor for Cornwall’s Chamber of Commerce Sustainable Growth Conference

The most common questions about divorce

The idea of divorce can be daunting, especially with so much misinformation about financial settlements

Government backs 95% Mortgage

On April the 19th a lower deposit mortgage scheme was made available to current homeowners and first-time buyers.

Why a Lasting Power of Attorney is vital for everyone

People can face problems if a loved one becomes unable to manage their own affairs due to illness, injury or old age

How important is having a valid will in place?

It is estimated that 54% of adults do not have a current Will in place to protect their assets should the worst happen

Good news for home buyers in the Spring Budget

In July 2020 the government introduced a Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) holiday for purchasers, which could save buyers up to £15,000.

Divorce rates are on the rise as a result of pandemic

Data is emerging showing a rise in the breakdown of relationships as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands of businesses win right to claim for Covid 19 related losses

Thousands of businesses are now able to claim insurance payouts for Covid-19-related losses, providing a lifeline to businesses across the UK.

15th January 2021 Current opening hours and service provision

As 2021 kicks off, the Covid pandemic and our responsibilities to keep clients and staff as safe as possible continue to dominate thoughts.

As long as you stay safe – you can still buy a new home and move house

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, our team of specialist legal conveyancers would love to hear from you.

Stamp Duty holiday extended until March 2021

In July the government introduced a Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) holiday for purchasers, which could save buyers up to £15,000.

Temporary legislation released to allow wills to be witnessed via video link

The Government has confirmed that for the next two years wills will be able to be witnessed remotely in response to the covid pandemic.

MP’s back ‘No Fault’ Divorce Bill

Couples wishing to divorce will be able to apply for a no-fault divorce under The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill, due to come into force in Autumn 2021.

New guidance for people requiring face to face support at Hine Downing

We are pleased to announce that our offices have now reopened to those who require face to face meetings with our team.

Cold calling warning

It has come to our attention recently that across the country people are being cold called by companies offering their heavily discounted will writing services.

Our office is closed but business continues as usual

The Hine Downing office is now closed. However, we are still open for business and have a dedicated team working remotely

Latest office policy regarding Coronavirus

We currently have no suspected cases of Coronavirus within our office and are taking steps to ensure this continues to be the case.
Will storage

Lloyds discovers 9000 wills not passed to deceased families

9000 wills discovered in safe custody by Lloyds means hundreds of families are having to have estates redistributed, having far reaching consequences.

New legislation for parents without a valid will

Many people are unaware that under intestacy laws, unmarried partners and close friends cannot inherit

January & Divorce

The first working Monday back after the Christmas break is sometimes known as "Divorce Day" among solicitors who typically see a spike in couples seeking divorce at this time of…

Festive wishes from all at Hine Downing

We hope that whoever you are and however the year has treated you, you will get the chance to spend some moments of reflection and relaxation with those close to…

Most people are leaving their future to chance, warns study

More than a third of people in Britain admit to not having made any provisions for later life such as writing a will or creating a lasting power of attorney…

Choosing a conveyancing solicitor

When getting on the housing ladder, or moving home, a conveyancing solicitor helps to safeguard your interests while handling the legal details of the sale or purchase.

Will Writing

A Will can be particularly important if you have a business as it means you can choose those with the expertise to help it through the choppy waters associated with…

A great day at Stithians Show

The Hine Downing team returned to the Stithians Show in Cornwall again this year and had a brilliant day as always.

New Commercial Property Partner for Hine Downing Solicitors

Hine Downing is pleased to welcome Commercial Property specialist Diana Standen into its Partnership.

New Chairman at Falmouth Age Concern

Hine Downing Partner William Richards is to be the new Chairman of Falmouth Age Concern (FCA), an independent charity serving the local area.

Fond Farewell to David Toseland

One of Cornwall’s most respected and popular residential property conveyancers has retired from Falmouth-based law-firm Hine Downing after 46 years.

Farming expert joins Hine Downing legal team

A Cornish farming childhood has helped shape the career of solicitor Sue Reynolds who is ploughing her expertise in the legal side of rural affairs into strengthening and diversifying the…

Hine Downing Partner Leaving Law for the Country Life

As Partner in one of Cornwall’s leading law firms Anne Upfold has ploughed her expertise in the legal side of country pursuits into strengthening and diversifying the Commercial Department of…

Come and See Us at Stithians Show – Monday 17th July 2017

Preparations are well underway for this years show. We look forward to seeing clients old and new on our stand - come and join us for a drink and a…

Hine Downing’s loss to be Sealed Knot’s gain

The retirement of Hine Downing Solicitors’ stalwart Richard Milner will see him resuming his other passions: brewing fine beer and battling Roundheads as a Royalist dragoon in the English Civil…

Probate Fees – Planned Increase Scrapped

It has been announced by The Ministry of Justice that the controversial plans to raise Probate Fees are to be scrapped.

Cornwall Hospice Care’s Make a Will Week 15-19 May 2017

Hine Downing are pleased to announce their participation in Cornwall Hospice Care’s Make a Will Week to be held on the 15th to 19th May 2017.

Be Alert to Cybercrime

It is clear that there is an increasing risk of emails being hacked and false bank details being provided to law firms.

In theory it is lawful for people to dis-inherit their children, or is it?

The case of Ilott V Mitson (2015) may change the legal landscape entirely.

New Dispute Resolution appointment

One of Cornwall’s solicitors has been lured from retirement to head up the litigation and dispute resolution team of Falmouth firm Hine Downing.

The new Countryside Stewardship Manual

Natural England has published the Countryside Stewardship manual detailing the information required to apply for the new Countryside Stewardship scheme.

Hine Downing at RNAS Culdrose

From 7th July, Hine Downing Solicitors will be holding Legal Services and Financial Advice clinics on the RNAS base. We are renting a room, S152 next to Londis in the…

Deadline reminders for England and Wales

The deadline for the submission of Basic Payment Scheme applications in England is midnight on 15 June 2015.
Dale Vince ruling story independent

Divorce Case Brings New Interpretation

Debate surrounding a recent ruling in the Supreme Court. It is always advisable to seek advice from a Solicitor when divorcing even when there are no assets to be divided
will on desk with pen

Risks of Unregulated Will Writers

The BBC's current affairs series Panorama has highlighted the risks of using unregulated will writing services to document what is ultimately one of the most important decisions a person will…
Hine Downing sponsors Falmouth tall ships

Tall ship race supported by Hine Downing

Hine Downing was pleased to sponsor the 2014 Falmouth Tall Ships Regatta which attracted more than 100,000 visitors.
mabe afc football strip sponsored by hine downing

Mabe AFC get a new strip

Mabe AFC wearing their new strip for 2013/14, donated by Hine Downing as part of the firm's sponsorship of many sports clubs in and around Falmouth and Penryn.
Hine Downing solicitor Will Richards presents rugby kit

HD supports Falmouth Rugby Football Club

Hine Downing have long supported a wide range of sports clubs in the area, including Falmouth RFC. Partner Will Richards and his son were pleased to present their new shirts…

Hine Downing Financial Services

Are your savings and investments safe and sound? Hine Downing Financial Services can help you make the right choices.