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Could the menopause impact divorce?

Being, as we are, three ladies of … ahem …. a certain age, my colleagues and I have watched, with interest, the recent Davina McCall documentaries regarding the menopause. Most divorces are taking place when women are between 45 and 55. This is just at the time perimenopause begins or menopause takes place, so could… Read more »

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Sure – do your own divorce – but the finances……?

As any interested person might have gleaned from the many press articles of late, there have been some changes to divorce laws and procedure. The reasons that this came about have been widely reported, but one reason not often mentioned is the fact that the loss of general legal aid has meant that many were… Read more »

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End of the blame game – but what if they are to blame?

Much has been made about the new “no-fault” divorces which can be applied for, following a huge change in the existing law, from 6 April 2022. Many family lawyers have long supported campaigns to make these alterations to reflect what we hear back from our clients, which is that they often don’t want to file… Read more »

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Can a lawyer ever save you money?

The short answer to that questions is – YES! Now, I can hear some of you reading that statement and promptly spitting out your tea. I know amongst my non lawyer friends this notion would indeed be met with laughter. But I would argue that a competent lawyer can and will save you money in… Read more »

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Considerations when seeking a family lawyer

The first thing to remember is that this will be one of the most challenging times of your life. Your emotions will be in a state of flux, even if your relationship breakdown has been amicable. You may have children whose welfare and resilience to get through your split has become almost all you think… Read more »

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Prenuptial Agreements: Once bitten, twice shy

It’s not very romantic. For this reason couples planning to cohabit or marry for the first time rarely whip out a carefully drafted document from a lawyer along with the ring. It’s pretty awkward. One would feel that they are suggesting that the relationship won’t work. And do pre-nuptial agreements even carry weight in this… Read more »

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