Latest office policy regarding Coronavirus

We firstly want to wish all our clients the best of health and hope everyone is staying safe and well in this current climate. At Hine Downing we take seriously the responsibility we have to our staff, families and clients to keep everyone safe and continue providing much needed advice in this unprecedented time. We wanted to reassure our clients as to the precautions we are taking to ensure we are open to all those who need us.

We currently have no suspected cases of Coronavirus within our office and are taking steps to ensure this continues to be the case. However, should we be forced to close the office we have contingency plans in place to ensure that you can still access our support and advice as needed. In the meantime, we ask everyone coming to the building to follow some simple steps to ensure we are able to stay open as long as possible.

Building Cleanliness

In order to keep the building clean and everyone free from the risk of contamination we have set the following guidelines we ask all clients and staff to follow:

We ask all clients to wash their hands using the soap and water or sanitiser provided, as soon as possible when entering the building.
We will ensure that there are sufficient supplies of soap and paper towels available for all clients to use as well as hand sanitiser throughout the building, and in line with government guidelines we ask clients to wash their hands regularly.
We have supplied boxes of tissues around the building. Please feel free to use these and dispose of the tissue immediately after use in the bins provided. Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.
We have made provisions for deep cleans of our premises and have given staff access to anti-bacterial surface cleanser to keep the offices clean at all times.


At this time we are continuing to keep client appointments so long as you are happy to do so, and it is necessary to meet face to face. However please consider the following:

We ask clients to consider whether it is practical to have a conversation over the phone rather than in person. In order to keep everyone safe we ask that interpersonal contact is limited to those meetings where it would be impractical or impossible to conduct the business over the phone.
In line with government guidelines we ask that if you are showing symptoms of Coronavirus you stay indoors and rearrange your appointment. It is important that our staff stay well to be able to continue supporting you at this time. Links are provided below to see the current guidelines on when you should be avoiding contact with other people.
If you wish to rearrange your appointment or book a phone consultation, please contact us on 01326 316655 or email us at

As things are changing daily, we will keep up to date with the latest developments and advice and change our policies as required to keep everyone safe. However, we want to reiterate that we have plans in place to ensure that even if we feel it necessary to close the office, we will be able to continue providing you with ongoing support.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this time. If you want to find out more about the current guidance for staying safe during this time, please follow the below links:

Government –

We wish you the best of health at this time and ask you all to stay safe.