Preparing to sell your Falmouth property

For anyone who is looking to sell their home in the foreseeable future or whose property is already on the market, now could be a good time to start getting your home ready and making it look it’s best. We’ve put together some useful tips for you to help you along the way:

-First Impressions: People see the outside of your property before they see the
inside, it’s important to keep in mind how the exterior is being perceived as
well as the interior. A few simple things such as cleaning the windows, a fresh
coat of paint, neutralising smells and refreshing any wooden surrounds could
make a massive difference to potential buyers first impressions.

-Declutter: Now is a perfect opportunity to evaluate if you are best using the
space your home has to offer. A cluttered home can seem so much smaller than it
actually is, moving a few things around could assist in showing off exactly what
your property has to offer. It’s important for future buyers to see how they
could utilise the space.

-Neutralise: Neutralising colour in a room can be an inexpensive way to make it
look a lot larger and brighter. Bold colours can be a great way of expressing
yourself and adding personality to any space however, it may not be to
everyones’ taste and some buyers may have a hard time seeing past that, so
minimising and/or neutralising your space could be a great way to show off what
your home has to offer.

-Odd jobs: Now is a great opportunity to fix any little things around your home
in need of a sprucing up. Completing any odd jobs around your home will help you
get it ready for any potential buyers and get it in it’s best shape for sale.

-Contact a conveyancer: It is never too late to start talking to a conveyancer
about your potential sale. A conveyancer can assist in making any move fast and
smooth when the time is right. They can assist you with contracts, searches and
other tasks so get in touch now.

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