When it comes to initial interviews with potential lawyers, are you asking the right questions?

While the exact questions you’ll ask should be customised to your specific situation, these questions and tips are a good starting point:

  •  What details do you have for me?

Start with a nice and simple question to help with conversation flow, make sure that your
details are confirmed and correct.

  • What do you think about my situation?

This allows you to see what their understanding of your issue is. Make sure you’re clear about explaining your situation, try and give details. If you are unclear about certain things, be open to the lawyer following up for more detail. Ensure they have all the correct information to be able to deal with your matter effectively and give you an honest view on how to move forward.

  • Ask them about their previous work; What have you worked on previously?

Bear in mind that lawyers work on a variety of different issues for a variety of clients so asking about previous experience will help you better understand how they have helped others in the past with similar situations and how they could help you.

Inform them if you have worked with another lawyer, let them know how familiar you are with the legal systems and its process, to best assess how to communicate with you concerning your issue.

  • Speak openly and clearly about your expectations, how can they help you?

Share your reasons and feelings about your case. Let them know why you want to pressure this matter.

  • Walk them through the facts of your case, give them a general picture of the issue.

Clarity is so important, the more clear and direct information you can present the better you and your lawyer can plan how to best proceed in tackling your issue.

  • Tell them what you are most concerned about.

What worries or most concerns you about your case. Giving your lawyer this information can help them know how to best proceed with your case.

  • What does your lawyer see as the end goal for this issue?

It is important to clarify what result you want, what is your end goal? Make sure they are aware of what you want to achieve throughout this process. Are your intentions realistic?

  • Do you need any additional information or documents?

Ask them if they have everything they need or do you need to provide anything else to assist in the proceedings of your issue.

  • What should I do next?
  • What is the process for my case?
  • Can I get more information about my case?
  • Law firm pricing, billing process, alternative fee structures?
  • Manage your expectations

Ask your lawyer what to expect, what can you expect moving forward with your lawyer on these matters?

  • Communicate clearly