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Most common questions for tenants

Most common questions for tenants Following our article on the most common questions for landlords, we have compiled a list on the most common legal questions for tenants. Whether you want to rent a property for the short term while moving house or you will be calling your place home as a long term tenant,… Read more »

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Most common legal questions for landlords

Whether you are already renting a property or at the stage of considering it, we have compiled a list of the most common legal questions to consider. Do I need a tenancy agreement if I know the tenant? Many people think that if they are renting to someone that they know then a tenancy agreement… Read more »

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Doing our bit for Sustainability

This week we were a headline sponsor for Cornwall’s Chamber of Commerce Sustainable Growth Conference, which welcomed a host of incredible speakers leading the way in the business world for a more sustainable future. At Hine Downing we are committed to keeping the beauty of Cornwall, sustaining local businesses and maintaining the health of the… Read more »

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The most common questions about divorce

The idea of divorce can be daunting, especially with so much misinformation about financial settlements, the legal process and childcare arrangements. In order to try and debunk some of these myths, we have compiled a list of common questions that we are asked about divorce to help unpick some of the confusion.   Can a… Read more »

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Government backs 95% Mortgage

  On April the 19th a lower deposit mortgage scheme was made available to current homeowners and first-time buyers. This mortgage guarantee scheme is a government backed initiative to make home ownership more accessible to both first-time buyers and home buyers. This will be restricted to properties under £600,000 and will exclude second homes and… Read more »

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Why a Lasting Power of Attorney is vital for everyone

  The recent documentary “Kate Garraway: Finding Derek” has highlighted the problems people can face if a loved one becomes unable to manage their own affairs due to illness, injury or old age. In the documentary, Kate Garraway struggles to come to terms with her husbands deteriorating health after he contracts Covid in March 2020,… Read more »

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